what is eval and bind in asp.net

1) Eval() is used when data is read only. If data can be updated then Bind() is used.

2) Eval is a protected method defined on the TemplateControl class, from which the Page class is derived.

3) Bind is a new ASP.NET 2.0 databinding keyword. It’s not a method of any specific class.

4) Eval is used for unidirectional (readonly) data binding, while Bind is for bi-directional (editable) databinding.

5) ASP.NET supports a hierarchical data-binding model that creates bindings between server control properties and data sources. Almost any server control property can be bound against any public field or property on the containing page or on the server control’s immediate naming container.

6) The Eval method is a static (read-only) method that takes the value of a data field and returns it as a string. The Bind method supports read/write functionality with the ability to retrieve the values of data-bound controls and submit any changes made back to the database.


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