What are CLR,CTS,CLS?

1) The CLR is the execution engine for .NET framework applications.
2) Commom Type System. This is the range of types that .NET runtime (CLR) understands.
3) Commom Language Specification. This is the subset of CTS,
which all .NET languages must support.
4) CTS,CLS are the componets of the CLR
5) CLR: is use for execute msil code to native code
6) CTs :is Common type System    Contains Set of common data
   types that are common to all dotnet langauges
7) CLs is common langauge specification contains rules that are
   to be followed for .net frame work  supported languages
8) CLR provides security garbage collection cross language exception handling cross language inheritance and so on
9) CLS (Common Language Specification) defines a subset of Common Type System which all language compilers targeting CLR must adhere to. CLS is a subset of CTS
10) All compilers under .NET will generate Intermediate Language no matter what language is used to develop an application. In fact CLR will not be aware of the language used to develop an application. All language compilers will generate a uniform common language called Intermediate Language. For this reason IL can be called as The language of CLR A platform for cross language development

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