Hello Friends Today I am before You With New Article.It’s Really interesting and will add in ur knoweldge.In This you will get learn how to use Chart Control.

First of all I want to tell about Chart control Something.

These controls are like a  plug in you will have to download to understand this practical and for use this.

I give you download link For this from where you can get chart control

and can install into your visual studio 2008

actuall these are two plugin which will do complete to installation if you have VS2008 +sp1 and framework 3.5

First download this plugin from this link MSChart_VisualStudioAddOn.exe

Second download MSChart.exe from given link

After Downloading these plugin Install to these and Add Two Refrence of dll and will get chart control in Ur Data control Categories

the way of add refrence two files is given below in picture

go on toolbox and right click on DataControl Category then Choose item open and Add Refrecnce red color rounded files then you will get chart control in ur Data Control Category

Later I will post to Practical Artical of this first Do this friends


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