create table tbemp120
(empno int,ename varchar(50),eadd varchar(50),esal int,edno int)
insert tbemp120 values(66,’vinay’,’pathankot’,42000,5)
insert tbemp120 values(2,’vinay’,’pathankot’,32000,10)
insert tbemp120 values(3,’vinay’,’pathankot’,522000,30)
insert tbemp120 values(4,’vinay’,’pathankot’,522000,20)
insert tbemp120 values(5,’vinay’,’pathankot’,42000,20)
insert tbemp120 values(6,’vinay’,’pathankot’,32000,30)
insert tbemp120 values(7,’vinay’,’pathankot’,32000,30)
select ROW_NUMBER()over(order by esal)’srno’,esal,eadd,ename from tbemp120
select Dense_RANK() over (order by esal)’drank’,esal,ename ,eadd from tbemp120
select NTILE(3) over (order by esal)’grp’,esal,ename,eadd,edno from tbemp120
select *from tbemp120
delete from tbemp120 where empno=8
drop table tbemp88
select *from tbemp120 order by empno
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