URL Rewriting In asp.net

UrlRewriter.NET is an open-source, light-weight, highly configurable URL rewriting component for ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0. UrlRewriter.NET provides similar IIS Rewrite capabilities that the Apache web server provides with mod_rewrite and .htaccess. You don’t need to install an ISAPI Rewrite filter to use the component. Best of all, UrlRewriter.NET is free and licensed with a very permissive MIT-style licence.

UrlRewriter.NET is a great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. Using UrlRewriter.NET, you can create URL’s containing your target keywords, boosting your rankings.

With UrlRewriter.NET, you can:

* Rewrite URL’s from “user and Search Engine” friendly urls to the actual .aspx pages (also known as URL Masking, IIS Rewrite or ASP Rewrite)
* Redirect from old URL patterns to the new ones, ensuring the Search Engine spiders continue to follow your links (also known as URL Replace)
* Block certain visitors based on the User-Agent – very helpful for blocking crawlers that don’t obey the robots.txt protocol
* Ban users based on IP range (provides the capabilities of mod_rewrite on IIS)
* And much more…

UrlRewriter.NET is a pure .NET component written in C#, and does not require any ISAPI rewrite dll’s to be installed in IIS. You configure rules in a very readable XML format, either in your web.config file or an external rewriter configuration file.

UrlRewriter.NET is in use in many websites large and small such as DotNetKicks, and is embedded in several open source packages, such as the fantastic Yet Another Forum.NET.
Anyway here is how the project is constructed and how to get it working.

1. Create a new web project – I am using C# but if you really want to you can use VB
2. Download the urlrewriting library from the official site http://urlrewriter.net
3. Add a reference to the UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewriter.dll to your project
4. Open up the web.config file and replace the content with the following code:



* Create the aspx pages

1. blog.aspx
2. contact.aspx
3. default.aspx (this should already exist)
4. longpage.aspx
5. search.aspx
6. submit_company.aspx

* In Default.aspx add the following code:

You will notice that the href links are defined in the web.config file.
* In search.aspx, add the following html code:

This is the region page – if you click on product12345.aspx, you will be redirected here but the code will show the arguments of the page i.e. 12345 – confused? You will be!

* Now open up the code behind file for search.aspx and add in the Page_Load event:

if(Request.QueryString[“id”] != null)
Response.Write(“querystring passed in: ” + Request.QueryString[“id”]);
Response.Write(“No query string passed in”);

* Run the project. If you click on the search link, you will be taken to the search page but notice the URL in the browser window as it should be reading Product-Search-UK. Same for the other url’s as well except for the last one, if you click on that, a product id will be passed into the page as a querystring that you can use to display specific products on a single page
If Want to download sample then Paste this link in address bar

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